49km Course Description & Maps

The 49km race provides a spectacular ride through towering timber forests on a beautiful circuit through the Otway Ranges. This is an achievable ride for riders of variable fitness who want to enjoy some fresh air on quiet dirt roads.

Included Below:

“This is a ride that puts everything into perspective. The course is as competitive as you want to make it, and the time-out zones were brilliant to re-group, eat, and enjoy the stunning environment I was riding in.” M Purdie, 2020 Competitor

49km GOGG Course Notes:           

  • Courses are conducted exclusively on 2WD dirt roads – no single track
  • Roads will be dirt roads – predominantly smooth hard-packed earth with some very short sections of looser gravel or slightly rougher terrain
  • Require minimal ‘technical bike skills’ to complete and are achievable by all recreational riders
  • Include ‘Time-out’ sections where the race clock stops so you can wait for your friends and enjoy a coffee along the way
  • GOGG designed to be completed on either a cyclocross or gravel grind / adventure bike, a road bike (with min 32mm wide tyres designed for gravel), mountain bike or flat handle-bar hybrid bike. Many options!


Welcome to the small ring GOGG – the 49km course is a shorter and easier gravel alternative that still delivers big time with magnificent scenery and wilderness riding from start to finish. This ride is aimed at the recreational rider or someone who is keen for an exploratory trip through the Otways on their bike.

This is a shortened loop to the Big Ring course and takes in one long steady climb up Delaneys Track before a time-out coffee stop on the top of the Otway Range and a fun descent back down to the finish, passing through stunning tall timber forests the whole way.

Course Stats (Approx.)

Length: 49km 
Total elevation gain / loss: 1,030m approx

  • Leg 1 (Start – Delaney Tk – Mt Sabine Rd): 33km.
  • Leg 2 (Footy Ground – Yaugher – Footy Ground): 16km.

CLIF Fuel Stations – see more details below:

  • 33km point at Mt Sabine Rd / Kaangalang Rd junction.


For interactive course map on Trail Forks, click map image below or CLICK HERE



Both GOGG races have some time-out section(s) on the course where your race time is no longer ticking over (ie, your timing chip is ‘paused’!) These are included because it’s in the style of gravel grinding, allowing you to stop and have a drink – order a coffee, regroup with your friends perhaps, and then set off again.

“Time outs” will be recorded by the electronic timing hardware set up at these locations for 49km riders:

  • 33km point at Mt Sabine Rd / Kaangalang Rd junction. (97km and 49km riders) Time stops ~50m before the junction / Time starts 50m after the junction. A CLIF Fuel Station and a coffee van will be at the junction in between.

Points to note:

  • Limit of 1hr maximum to be used during the “time out”. Riders stopping for longer than 1hr will be given a time penalty. Note, it is not compulsory to stop, just an option as it’s an ‘untimed’ section of the course.
  • Riders crossing any time point with less than 1 second apart will be given the time of the first rider to cross the point (as per the Tour de France). This is to help ensure that riders know they are on the same race time if they entered / exited all timing points together.
  • The CLIF Fuel Station at the junction of Mt Sabine Rd and Kaanglang Rd will have water, Hammer Heed, bananas, lollies and a coffee cart selling barista made coffee, tea, milk shakes and San Pellegrino for you to stop and enjoy. Coffee cart items are for sale ($4 a coffee) so remember to take some money with you!


For all courses:

  • all intersections will be clearly marked and occasional markings with tape and or arrows along tracks to confirm that you are on the right route.
  • one or two pieces of the relevant coloured tape will always be placed immediately after a track junction to confirm you are traveling along the correct course.
  • It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure they are on the correct course for all events.