Draft schedule for 2023 is below, with exact details to be confirmed in September 2022.

Friday 24 February 2023

3:30pm-7:30pmCompetitor Registration (all races) – Forrest Football Oval, Forrest VIC.

Saturday 25 February (MTB Races)

6:00-6:45amLate Registration for 100km riders at FORREST OVAL
7:00am – 7:30am START : 100km Odyssey
8:00amSTART (@ Forrest): 50km Shorty race start for all riders
10:00am onwardsRegistration for ANY Sunday race at FORREST
1:30pmGrommets Ride activities commence – Forrest Football Ground

Sunday 26 February (GOGG adn MTB races)

7:00am – 9:30amCompetitor registration opens for all Sunday events
8:00amSTART (@ Forrest): GOGG big-ring 97km
9:00amSTART (@ Forrest) : GOGG small-ring 49km
9:25amSTART: 30km Rookie E-bike competitors
9:30amSTART (@ Forrest): 30km Rookie Mixed riders start (all males and optional for female)
9:45amSTART (@ Forrest): 30km Rookie Female-only riders start (Odyssey Angels)
10:30amSTART (@ Forrest) : 10km Pioneer
1:00pmPresentations: 30km MTB & GOGG 97km and 49km races
3:30pmCourse closes

“This is an excellent event and produces exactly what it says on the tin. Do it…” – Diane, GOGG Participant


Competitor briefings will be held at the START LINE for EACH race, approximately 10 minutes prior to Race Start times listed above.